Police are investigating a murder case after a 68-year-old Rydalvale pensioner succumbed to the extensive and brutal injuries he sustained during a house robbery on Thursday and passed away in hospital on Friday.

Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Captain L Naidoo, said, “Police responded to the house robbery on Parkvale Close and upon arrival on scene, the members proceeded into the house where they found a male, aged about 67 years-old lying on the floor, tied up with an extension cord. The victim sustained cuts, various lacerations and a broken rib. The victim was transported via ambulance to hospital and an assault GBH case was opened.”

“The case was later changed to murder when the victim died in hospital due to the injuries he sustained. No arrests have been made and the suspects are still unknown,” Cpt Naidoo said. KZN VIP Security and Medics responded to the scene after a KZN VIP activated the panic for assistance.

“KZN VIP were dispatched to Parkvale Close after neighbours heard faint screams from a home. Upon arrival of KZN VIP Response Teams they were unable to gain entry and heard the pensioner calling for help once again. The door was then broken down for KZN VIP response teams to enter the home and assist the pensioner. The house had been ransacked and in the room, the pensioner had been found tied up and severely beaten,” said Naidoo.

“Immediately, KZN VIP Medics were called out to stabilise the patient before rushing
him to hospital for further medical assessment,” Naidoo added.

Phoenix CPF chairman, Umesh Singh, said, “Another senseless death, another elderly life lost through vicious criminals and crime. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the bereaved family. We urge residents, neighbours to become active in their sectors and participate in neighbourhood watches. Keep an eye on your neighbours and their property as a means to safeguard your area. Report suspicious persons and keep abreast of criminal activities in the area.”

In a second baby dumping incident, a foetus was dumped in a bin bag with the rubbish at the corner of Landsbrook and Kiddsbrook Road in Brookdale, on Tuesday.

According to Cpt L Naidoo, the foetus was found in trash bag by a scrap collector. “The scrap collector was interviewed by police on scene and stated that he was going through the rubbish bags looking for food and scrap when he discovered a trash bag with a duvet. The duvet had blood stains and contained a foetus wrapped in a grey towel. All relevant authorities were thereafter contacted including police and an ambulance. An inquest case is under investigation,” Cpt Naidoo said.

Phoenix Community Police Forum chairman, Umesh Singh, said, “These atrocities need to stop. We have been hosting awareness campaigns to empower women to make better choices and not risk or compromise the lives of babies or children in this inhumane manner. We commend the police members for ensuring that the baby received medical care and was accommodated in a safe place. We urge mothers to refrain from this cruel practice of dumping and abandoning babies. There are organisations and people who can help in such matters. Seek help.”