RUSA vows to continue fighting crime


The drawn-out legal tussle between famed North Coast-based security company, Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) and the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSiRA) has finally been put to bed with the imposed suspension on the local crime-fighters, lifted and a hefty fine paid.

Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid, RUSA boss, Prem Balram, said, “At the forefront of this battle, our concern has been for the community and ensuring that they are safe and protected. In retrospect, we realise that we can fulfill our commitment to the community and conform to the authority’s expectations of us without weakening our resolve to fight crime and honour our mandate to the public.”

Balram added, “We regret any violations of the PSiRA Code of Conduct in the past and will strive to adhere strictly to same. We have subsequently adopted a zero tolerance approach to such violations of the Code of Conduct. RUSA wishes to concede that it is a company that is deeply rooted in the community and is committed to ensuring the safety of all South Africans that we serve.”

A R20 million fine was imposed on the popular private security company who are well-known globally for their crime-fighting antics and successes. The sum of R17 million was suspended on condition that RUSA is not found guilty of similar contraventions within a year from now. An amount of R500, 000 was paid on Friday, whilst R2, 5 million can be paid over the next 24 months.

“This case should unequivocally send a very strong message to all and sundry that where there is impropriety, the regulator will, without fail, invoke its statutory mandate to exercise effective control over the practice of the occupation of security service provider in the public and national interest and the interest of the private security industry itself,” said PSiRA CEO, Manabela Chauke.

Balram said, “In the execution of our duties, our members are subjected to life threatening experiences daily. We acknowledge that some of the crimes that we deal with are heinous and certain crime scenes have taken a toll on them. We have recognised that in order for them to fulfil our mandate and conform to the regulatory authority’s expectations we may need to be workshopped on the act from time to time. In this regard we are grateful to PSIRA for their willingness to provide such training and we look forward to working closely with them in future. We feel that such training can only benefit us, develop us and assist us to be the best we can be.”

Since the litigation commenced, RUSA has been inundated with a barrage of messages and calls from the general public extending their support to the company. “We are aware of the unprecedented support we received from across South Africa and from supporters abroad. The messages of love and support has warmed the heart of every RUSA member and has reassured us that our community is worthy of being served with distinction. We are now more amped to pick up the gauntlet and help curb crime in a bid to allay the fears and concerns of the public. Our passion is fighting crime and that has not been dimmed despite the challenges that we have faced. It is onward and upward for the RUSA team,” added Balram.