Getting fit can be fun with outdoor running trails and a great sense of community.

“Stella Athletic Club runners form part of the Glenwood Trail Running Initiative that was initiated by Martin Clement at the Durban Botanic Gardens,” said Amanda Botes, a Stella Athletic Club committee member.

“One of the routes that we run to is the Durban Botanic Gardens trail route that includes the view point. Stella has also used the Currie Road view point as a pit stop every year during our Boxing Day Run where we indulge in some mince pies and orange juice. A former member, Dave Wilkinson was the brains behind the Boxing Day route and social event. We stop at the view point every year and the difference after the revamp was noticeable this year. We all seemed to stay a bit longer, enjoying the space and admiring the view,” added Botes. Glenwood Trail Running Group also did their part for charity when they raised funds for the Choc Children’s Cancer Foundation.

“We had a fundraiser to the Durban Botanic Gardens for Choc to see the Christmas lights and stopped over for a picture at the view point,” said Botes. “The Stella Athletic Club is based in Glenwood.
We have running and walking groups that cater for different fitness levels from beginners to those running Comrades. We run every day of the week and organise long runs and attend races on Sundays,” said Botes. The Glenwood Trail Runs are run from Stella Athletic Club every Wednesday at 5:15pm. “These are open to everyone. We run to a different green space in Durban each week, including Pigeon Valley, Msinsi Nature Reserve at UKZN and Durban Botanic Gardens. Many thanks for your time,” said Botes.