Carmenita Sibran, a Grade 11 pupil at Ladysmith High School, sports her gold medal at the recent KwaZulu-Natal Science Expo Central Region held at DUT in Durban. She designed and built an anti-theft device that she calls “Rob Me”.

This device, which was Sibran’s fourth protoype, remodel and design was an idea from her parents, who are both serving the Ladysmith and Bergville community as police officers.

Rob Me is designed to help prevent and even call for help, for children walking home from school. “The idea came after my mom had worked on robbery cases where children walking home were robbed.”

Sibran said that it took her many long nights, working around the clock to design the device. Sibran did research on crime affected areas and interviewed victims. “The device sounds a loud siren-type noise that can be heard up to 50 meters. It works on the flight or fright method and should send the would be criminals running.”

After working on her first three prototypes, Sibran finished the fourth with a panic button that can be worn on the wrist. The small alarm system can easily be stored in a small bag in your backpack,” she said.

The young scientist has been collecting medals since Grade 2. Sibran is the only Ladysmith High School pupil to receive a gold medal.

She has been placed on the short list to represent her project and school at the international science fair. She also walked away with the Best Senior Female Award.