A Phoenix resident’s shocking half a million rand utility bill which he received earlier this month, was overturned by the municipality following the intervention of Minority Front Councillor, Jonathan Annipen.

Upon receiving his utility bill Mr Ahmed was astounded to discover that he was being charged a staggering R580,740,45. Being overwhelmed by the fear that he would be disconnected as he was unable to pay this amount, he immediately contacted Annipen for assistance.

“I was very concerned about the bill. You hear stories about how people are just disconnected because of non-payment and I was afraid this would happen to us as well. Our bill is always up to date, we never keep our account in arrears. I was recommended to see Cllr Jonathan because I was told he swiftly attends to these matters. I was surprised how humble he was and how he acted immediately,” said Ahmed.

“He made a copy of my bill and called the Revenue Department immediately. He said he would thereafter email the department and about three days later, he called me to say that the discrepancies were rectified and that they would reflect on my next bill. I’m still shocked at how swiftly he reacted.

“ I am thrilled that people of his caliber still exist in the political arena,” added Ahmed.

Councillor Annipen told the Phoenix Tabloid that it was his delight to assist the community. “We are elected by the public and in my case deployed by my party to ensure that people get proper services and are not abused financially or otherwise.

“The billing defects are a major crisis for the city and until recently the city’s top officials were in denial but I’m glad that Mayor Gumede recently admitted that there is a problem with the RMS Programme and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

In the interim, people are urged to monitor their bills and if they are abnormal please contact me for assistance,” said Cllr Annipen.