Residents of Glenwood just off Berea and Moore Road have been experiencing power cuts which sometimes lasted for over 64hours on some weekends.

The residents say this all started a week before schools opened in January. A resident, Dr Raushan Quadir said attempts of having the municipality resolve the ongoing cuts have been made previously however, the problem keeps coming back. Another resident, Darrel Chetty said they reported the matter to the municipality but it takes them approximately 17 hours for them to attend to it. “When the municipality does attend to the report, the feedback we get is that the wiring in the power supply box is old and needs to be replaced or that one of the switches keeps tripping,” said Chetty.

Chetty said the last power cut they had was on Friday, 15 March from 1pm and it only came back on Monday in the early hours of the morning. “As the residents of this area, we never get to enjoy our weekends because of these power cuts. One of our neighbours who is diabetic, using insulin shots had to throw out some of his shots as he could not take them because of the power cuts. The insulin shots gets spoiled,” added Chetty.

He said last weekend it was fortunate that the residents contacted Ward 33 Cllr Mmabatho Tembe who was able to get hold of electricians. “Since the councillor’s intervention, the electricity is still on,” said Chetty

Cllr Tembe said she was recently informed of the issue in the area, however she was able to assist. “That block only called me on Sunday, I asked for a reference number and escalated it. It returned on Monday. I informed residents that they should report and send me reference numbers, I wasn’t informed of any other weekends prior to that. I’ve also emailed the city manager about outages in Glenwood, they are aware and have advised to do an investigation in the matter,” said Tembe.

She further urged residents of these areas to report power outages following reports of power cuts at awkward times besides the load shedding hours. Tembe said residents must report to the municipality and thereafter WhatsApp or SMS her. “The SMS should include the name of the person reporting the outage, the time of the outage, the address and the reference number given to them by the municipality,” said Tembe.

She committed herself to following up on the matter and reverting back to the resident. To contact Cllr Mmabatho Tembe email her at or WhatsApp her on 078 640 6362.