A brave Reservoir Hills father and son teamed up to defend their home against a brazen gang of housebreakers in the early hours of Tuesday morning, last week.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said the resident’s adult son was busy working in the lounge when the dogs started to bark at around 2am.

“When the resident’s son looked out of the window he saw five suspects walking onto the property and approaching the front door. He immediately pressed the panic alarm but the suspects then attempted to break down the front door using some kind of tool such as crowbar or pick as the marks on the door indicated,” Mathios said.

“Fortunately, the door was secured on the inside with steel bars and the resident and his son pushed their weight against the door in an attempt to hold the door in place from the inside. The suspects only managed to partially break down the door. The suspects then abandoned their efforts to gain entry via the front door,” Mathios said.
“The determined housebreakers then went to a lounge window which they smashed in the hope of getting into the house. But the resident and his son went to the window and bravely fought off the suspects from the inside until they the scene fled on foot. The resident’s son sustained minor injuries during the confrontation but declined medical attention,” Mathios said.

Members of Sydenham SAPS attended the scene of the crime.
Mathios advised residents to ensure that doors and security gates are adequately secured, especially at night.

“Unfortunately, a common modus operandi for housebreakers is to smash down doors and force open security gates using tools like crowbars. It’s vital when investing in security gates to ensure that you choose a quality product that will not be easy to penetrate,” Mathios said.
Mathios advised residents to also ensure that external beams are activated at night for an early warning system to sound the alarm before intruders get close to the house.