Residents of Rainham, in Phoenix are frustrated over a burst sewage pipe, which has caused them to live under severe unhygienic conditions and pungent smells for more than two weeks.

According to a resident who did not want to be named, she contacted the municipality immediately after the pipe burst and the issue has not been sorted to date. Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid, the resident from Rainpath Place said, “The sewage pipe burst after the heavy rains in April. The main pipe which is on a property two doors away from my residence burst on 24 April and then started flowing into the neighbouring properties. I contacted the municipality immediately as my property was one of the affected properties.

“I was told that they can’t do anything because employees were on strike. I also contacted a health inspector because we wanted the issue
to be sorted out immediately.” She said the sewage is currently affecting the entire road and people have to go past the sewage flow to board public transport. “Because of the stench, I have started vomiting and had diarrhea for a period of time, I also have a three-year-old daughter with a heart condition, and whose health condition is at risk due to the unhygienic environment.

The sewage flow has gotten so bad that it’s now right outside my kitchen door, which is the only way to step outside my house. My husband went as far as fixing the problem himself but failed to do so as it needed to be fixed professionally,” said the resident. The irate resident said they were tired of living under such dirty conditions and want the relevant department to repair the burst pipe urgently. “We are ratepayers, we need to be treated as such.

We are constantly exposed to raw sewage and are expected to carry on with our lives as if if we are not affected by this. “The stench of the raw sewage permeates my home, the clothing and from home, I
can still get the smell. The other residents have also contacted municipality with no success. How much longer are we supposed to live like this?,” questioned the resident. No comment was received from eThekwini Municipality at the time of going to print.