A Rainham family is battling to find closure after their son, Kavindren ‘Keegan’ Govender (32), was shot and killed on New Year’s morning whilst on his way to wish his friends nearby his home (The Phoenix Tabloid, 2 January 2018).

The accused in the case, Kasavan ‘Christopher’ Pillay (42), was granted bail of R3 000 on the day of Keegan’s funeral and as the case proceeds, a family member claims that certain police and court officials are allegedly colluding to have the murder case withdrawn. The case was heard on 4 June 2018.

Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid on condition of anonymity and in fear of reprisal, the concerned family member said the ongoing corruption in the handling of Keegan’s murder case is causing the family undue trauma and stress. “There have been a series of incidents that have led us to believethat Keegan’s murder case is not being probed as per the law.

“Corrupt dealings have occurred that have tainted this case causing the wheels of justice to move in favour of the accused it seems. How is it possible that the accused was granted bail whilst Keegan was being laid to rest thereby denying his family the opportunity to oppose bail?

“A murder accused out on R3 000 bail is a travesty of justice. Crucial evidence in the case was overlooked and then ‘disappeared.’ Now we hear that a murder case is being requested to be marked as ‘final’ under six months, running the risk of it being withdrawn and setting the accused free with no consequences. This cannot be justice,” the aggrieved family member said.

Charms and Saroj Govender, the bereaved parents of Keegan, have been left shattered since his killing. He was the sole breadwinner in the family after his dad was diagnosed with colon cancer. “With Keegan’s dad cancer-stricken and his mum devastated at losing her only son and dealing with her ailing husband, their life is very difficult. It is heartbreaking to witness their daily struggles. Now add to their burdens, this debacle of corruption with their son’s case,” the family member said.

“Upon realising that Keegan’s case was going nowhere slowly and the sloppy police work was more detrimental to the case, a request was made to the Head of Organised Crime to remove the docket from SAPS Phoenix and assign it to their unit. This is the sad state of justice currently. “A man went to wish his friends for the New Year and never returned home alive but instead got a bullet to the head. An innocent man was killed on New Year’s morning whilst his family was conducting a prayer to usher in the New Year blessings.

“This kind of corruption within the police and justice system needs to be curbed. There are lay people out there who have had their loved ones taken away mercilessly and who depend on the justice system for closure, for absolution. This corruption and lawlessness needs to be weeded out so that justice can prevail in its truest form where perpetrators are punished accordingly for their crimes and the victims can find closure,” the angered family added.

Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Cpt L Naidoo, said, “The case is being investigated by one of Phoenix SAPS’s finest officers. As far as I am aware the matter is still under investigation at Phoenix SAPS. Regarding bail, that is a matter for the courts. As much as the investigating officer opposes bail, the courts have the final say.” The case has been remanded to 6 July 2018 and will be heard in the Verulam B court.