Profile on Lala


Lala takes the plus size world by storm

Ambitious, confident and loving is sexy plus size model and body positive activist Lala Tshabalala.

She believes modelling has been a blessing in many ways because it has help build her brand and confidence.

“I think people know me for being a plus size model who is actively trying to help change the idea of beauty and body standards. Through the work I do, I’m hoping for more size and beauty diversity not just in the industry but in society,” explained Tshabalala .

Tshabalala started posting body positive messages online and before she knew it brands started approaching her for modelling campaigns.

“Since I’ve started modelling, I have had the pleasure of working with a number of brands, even international. I am talking about walking the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, then flying out to Nigeria for Lagos Fashion Week,” said Tshabalala .

One of her challenge is because plus size models are not yet seen as “the norm” and for that getting a job is not easy.Tshabalala says one can go months without getting any work.

As an individual there are always negative energies around us that we deal with, but Tshabalala blocks hers out.
“When you’ve come this far with your body love journey and you have started to reap the benefits of being in a positive space and surrounded by positive energy, you will fight to protect that. You do not allow any negativity to steal your peace,” said Tshabalala.

“The most important opinion about you is your own. What everyone else thinks is irrelevant so don’t let that determine what you do, how you feel about yourself and who you become,” motivated Tshabalala.

This beauty and fashionista doesn’t have favourites shop, as she buys at many different stores. Tshabalala’s favourite current item is pair of sunglasses, but assures us that her favourite place of visitor is Lagos, in Nigeria.

ìIt has elements of Swaziland and Mozambique are my favourite places,” said Tshabalala.

Tshabalala says that she would love to partner up with a beauty brand, Maybelline because it is a beautiful brand with much variety.

Tshabalala says her favourite body part is her butts. She says it’s because she struggled it the most.

The goddess said that her strength is family.

“Without my family, I’m nothing. I have such a supportive family. I’ve grown to be very close to my mother. Honestly, she is my greatest supporter; I don’t know where I’d be without her love and prayers,” concluded Tshabalala.