A pregnant Phoenix mum was pistol-whipped and dragged from a moving vehicle in full view of her 11-year-old son as four armed hijackers drove off in her vehicle on Tuesday.

Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid, the eight and a half-month pregnant mum said she believes she may have been watched and followed prior to the terrifying ordeal.

She sustained a multitude of lacerations and bruises and thankfully her unborn baby was unharmed in the violent scuffle. “I parked off my vehicle, a Golf 3, at my parent’s home and asked my brother to check the car for me. My son was standing outside and I had alighted from the driver’s side and was at the front passenger seat packing some items away. I had just alighted from the seat when I heard an unfamiliar voice say to my brother, ‘Leave the keys in the car’.”

I caught sight of the suspect with a gun. My brother complied. Three other suspects approached the vehicle and the armed suspect then proceeded to my side. He fired a shot as he walked towards me. The suspect grabbed my cellphone from my hand and jumped into the car. I held on to the frame of the car. He then tried to pry me off by hitting me with the gun. He hit me on my head and face but I refused to let go,” said the injured Phoenix mum.

She added, “At that point all I could think about was that I only had the vehicle
for one week. That was the second time that I had driven the car. I could not
just let it go. The suspects drove off with me hanging on to the frame. They dragged me along and my brother pulled me off before I could be run over by the back tyre.” The vehicle was later recovered in Inanda Newtown C.

According to the victim, her brother had noticed the suspects walking
past the house. They allegedly went to a nearby tuck-shop to make a purchase and then approached the victim and her brother. The shocked victim said she did not feel the pain of her injuries until she was treated by paramedics and taken to hospital. Her son has been left emotionally scarred by the incident.

“My son is terrified. He is fearful. He cannot get over what happened. It plays on his mind constantly. My house keys were taken with the car keys. My son refuses to go back home as he is afraid that the suspects will return. He is scared all the time. The incident haunts him. He watched everything as it unfolded and was petrified. He fussed over me at the hospital and was worried about the baby’s safety,” said the victim.

The distressed mother says she is still driving but does not want to drive her recovered vehicle. KZN VIP Response and Medics responded to the Rainham hijacking and Operations director, Glen Naidoo, said, “KZN VIP Medics treated the patient before rushing her to hospital. Motorists are urged to be alert and cautious. Do not antagonise suspects. Rather comply. Material items can be replaced but human life is irreplaceable. Suspects are brazen and ruthless. It is fortunate that the suspects did not shoot the victim or any family member.”