The Community Police Forum is looking to open a case of ‘public violence’ against the individuals that appeared in a disturbing video of an assault incident, involving a man who brutally beat up his pregnant girlfriend outside a shopping centre in Mount Edgecombe last week.

A pic from the video that has gone viral on social media

CPF chairman, Umesh Singh, said the brutal assault and bout of physical violence was beyond reproach and something had to be done about it. The video attack which went viral on social media identified the male perpetrator who beat his pregnant girlfriend as she grabbed his second married girlfriend’s hair during a confrontation in the shopping centre parking lot. The man and his married girlfriend had emerged from the store when his pregnant partner confronted them and lashed out verbally at the pair.

She threatened to inform his employees of his indiscretions and pushed him to answer whether he could support his unborn child. The pregnant woman questions the married girlfriend who replied that her husband was aware of the affair and was fine with it. The violence erupted when the pregnant woman grabs hold of the second woman’s hair
in a death-grip at which point the man flies into a fit of rage and lands blow after blow on the mother of his unborn child.

“It is unsure who posted the video and failed to intervene and halt the attack as this in itself is criminal. Also, what is shocking is that the pregnant woman did not open a case at the police station. What message is she perpetrating to the youth who viewed that vile assault. In view of the 16 Days of Activism of No Violence Against Women and Children campaign, this kind of abuse is condemned on every level. It is unimaginable how a
man can behave in such an atrocious manner against a woman no matter what the situation. We do not condone such behavior and will ensure that the perpetrator is brought to book,” said Singh.

As the video did its rounds on social media, Facebook comments poured in with many calling the man out for his appalling behavior. The unremorseful man responded on Facebook saying, “To all who hate me url watched a small clip n u  judge wen you don’t even know the whole storie anyway to the person that put this video online thanks for making me famous. [sic]”

The pregnant girlfriend also took to Facebook to post a response in which she thanked people for their support regarding the situation but further said that in spite of what transpired, the man remains the father of her children and she is sure that he is embarrassed about the incident. She intimated that she was going to open case against
him and urged people to refrain from posting about the incident as it is affecting her as well as her children. She concluded by stating that she is stronger since she received the beating.

KZN VIP Operations’s Director, Glen Naidoo, commented on the video and said there was definitive provocation regarding the attack but that was no reason for such gross violence especially against a woman and one who is pregnant.

“The issue could have been resolved in a diplomatic manner,” he added.