The SA Post Office issued a statement to warn KwaZulu Natal motorists to check their car licences before going on holiday as many motorists may not be aware that their car license has expired or will expire while on holiday, and could be fined for driving an unlicensed vehicle.

By law, a vehicle license renewal must be done in the province where the vehicle is registered and cannot do this while on holiday in another province. There are 31 Post Office branches in the KwaZulu Natal where vehicle owners can renew their vehicle license. “During the past financial year, more than R3 million motor vehicle licences were renewed at Post Office branches – clear evidence of the success of this service,” said SAPO in a statement.

Motorists who have received a traffic fine issued in terms of the AARTO Act may pay the traffic fine at any Post Office countrywide. Motorists who not have received a renewal notice can download the renewal form (ALV) from