As #MiguelLouw murder accused, Mohammed Vahed Ebrahim’s bail application continued at the Durban Magistrate’s Court today, Investigating Officer, W/O Rajan Govender, took the stand and testified that the nine-year-old Sydenham boy was murdered and buried shortly after his abduction in July.

According to W/O Govender, the pathologist’s findings according to Miguel’s post mortem indicated that the boy’s death can be approximated to about four weeks before his body was buried in a shallow grave in Phoenix. The Rippon Road Primary learner’s decomposed body was discovered a short distance behind Ebrahim’s family home in Longbury, Phoenix.

Sydenham-based Combined Community Watch head, Domenic King, was once again present in court together with his wife and Miguel’s family. King said, “It is hoped that court proceedings will conclude quickly. Miguel’s family has been through enough and need closure.”

Ebrahim faces the murder charge after the kidnapping and theft charges against him were withdrawn.

The bail application continues.