My daughters, as young as they are do tell me stories from their days at school. I marvel at how times have changed, and just how generations have adapted to that change or is it really the opposite way around?

Have we now become more adept with the change of consciousness where peer pressure, bullying, kidnapping and other negative traits are essentials topics discussed within our home? One aspect that I emphasise to my girls, is that the choice of friends they keep are important. They are maybe too young to fully understand the concept, but it is a fact in all our lives, one that is not age dependent.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that left you feeling drained and exhausted, not physically but just emotionally spent? Whereas on the other hand you may be having an exhausting day and then connect with someone who just adds laughter and a special sparkle to your day, this person makes you feel lighter and alive. These scenarios are just basic and simple reflections on how the company you keep, or rather those you associate with can have either a negative or positive effect on your consciousness and outlook on life.

It is vital to grow in a relationship, thereby keeping friendships that celebrate your achievements and not put you down. As adults, we are still very much like children who thrive on genuine compliments and care. Think back to your childhood days and look at how friendships impacted on yourself and your self- confidence. Same too as we grow we need to keep the company of those who will allow our consciousness to develop in a positive rather than a negative way.

When I am in a difficult situation, I always try to look at how the situation could have been worse and then somehow there
is automatic gratitude for the current situation, even if it is a difficult one. When we share these difficult times with people who are close to us, we need to be able to seek comfort in knowing that a listening ear will make a positive difference and at the end of the conversation you will feel better than you did earlier.

Be mindful of this the next time you engage with your circle of those close to you. Silently identify those who make you feel good about yourself, the people who will listen (if nothing else) and who show genuine care. Thereafter, cautiously weed out those who are polluting your mind through a pessimistic attitude. Association is so important, aspire to keep the company of those who lift you up and share in your joy. As much as you may offer friendship, be sure that you are also surrounded by friends who are real.

Rather have a few friends who are genuine than countless that are fake. This is another important point, as I have learnt to identify those who smile genuinely and ask how I am doing in a true way of care rather than those whom are just curious to know more. Our intuition will allow us to choose our connections wisely, and tap into this positive circle to grow. Focus on giving back to those whom give you love and support. Dig up and toss away negative energy from your space.

Go on, be courageous, and experience the upliftment that this brings along making a huge difference to your consciousness and confidence.