Recently, the Democratic Alliance in KwaZulu-Natal launched its Provincial Manifesto at the Royal Show Grounds in Pietermaritzburg.

According to Ward 31 Councillor Chris Pappas, the event was attended by 5 000 DA supporters from across the province who came to hear the DA’s plan for KZN.

“The DA manifesto was centred around job creation and the economy with a strong focus on reducing red-tape, making labour laws less restrictive and incentivising investment into the province,” said Pappas.
The DA premier candidate, Zwakele Mncwango said that the aim of a DA led government in KZN is to put the people of the province first.

Mncwango said, “For too long people of KZN have taken the backseat while looting and maladministration had infested every municipality in the province. The DA is going to work closely with the Zulu King to create a sustainable monarchy that did not only rely on money from the state but was able to play an active roll in governance in the province and the promotion of the province’s culture and heritage.”

The event was also attended by DA leader, Mmusi Maimane who told supports that “the DA is not a party for Indian people, White people, Black people or Coloured people.” “The DA is a party for all South Africans who have a vision of building One South Africa for All. Voters be warned against political parties who mobilise support based on race saying that that is what the apartheid government did and that is what other

parties are doing today, said Maimane. Maimane said that a DA government would focus on growing small and medium businesses because this was the key to creating jobs. The DA would do this by making it easier for small businesses to operate (cutting red-tape), scrapping BBBEE which has only benefited a few and replace it with a merit based system, create tax breaks for certain size businesses, cutting restrictive labour laws, holding unions to account and introduce special visas for those investing in the country or coming with scarce skills.

Both Mncwango and Maimane reiterated the DA’s record of good governance in places where the DA is in office.
Mentioning that more than 80 percent of all Western Cape departments received clean audits, more than 500 000 jobs had been created in the Western Cape, more than 70 percent of land reform projects were successful compared to 10 percent for national government and that unemployment was the lowest in the run Western Cape.

The leaders also mentioned successes in turning around the finances of Johannesburg and Tshwane where the cities were bankrupt but are not able to produce a surplus that can be spent on services.
The DA’s six key priorities for KZN are:
1.Cut corruption and introduce a 15 year minimum sentence for corrupt officials and politicians.

  1. Secure the borders and make it harder for criminals, drugs, human trafficking and guns to enter and exit our country.
  2. Focus on job creation, growing the economy and putting a job in very home.
  3. Fixing and professionalising the police services so that we can be safe in our communities.
  4. Ensuring that municipalities deliver on basic services such as water, sanitation, electricity, roads and housing.
  5. Overhauling KZNs failing healthcare system that has seen more than 500 cancer patients die due to lack of treatment.