The vehicle the suspects were driving in crashed down an embarkment, into a home

Police in KZN have issued a stern warning to anyone lodging a false complaint. According to Lieutenant Colonel, Thulani Zwane valuable police resources and manpower gets wasted on investigating false cases. This comes after a case was opened at the Berea Police station, alleging a hijacking in Cowies Road on 6 August. Ploice have since opened a case of defeating the ends of justice.

“A case of hijacking was opened at the Berea police station and detectives took over the investigation. During the course of the investigation, police officers quickly discovered that the same vehicle was used in the commission of a crime in Hillcrest. Three suspects were spotted fleeing the scene in the same vehicle. In their haste to flee the scene of crime, the vehicle crashed and two suspects were arrested while the driver managed to escape.” said Zwane
He adds, “Police quickly realised that the so called victim only reported the hijacking to cover up the fact that the vehicle was used in the commission of a crime. He was then arrested and charged for defeating the ends of justice and is expected to appear in the Durban Magistrate’s Court soon.”

According to Blue Security, a high speed chase in the upper Highway area led to the arrest of two alleged housebreakers after they lost control of their vehicle and crashed down an embankment in Molweni on Tuesday, 6 August. Blue Security special projects manager, Stephen Wimborne said a description of a suspicious vehicle with five suspects inside was circulated on the Crestwatch Neighbourhood Watch community networks after a housebreaking incident had been reported in Waterfall.

“Our tactical community officer who was patrolling the area spotted the suspicious vehicle with a neighbourhood watch member already discreetly pursuing it in his own private vehicle. Our community officer joined the pursuit and the suspicious vehicle continued to drive at a regular speed, until a few minutes later, the suspects realised that the officer was following behind them,” Wimborne

“The suspects accelerated and made their way out of the suburb driving for about 10 minutes in the direction of Molweni with both our tactical community officers and the neighbourhood watch member in pursuit. About ten minutes into the chase in Molweni, the driver of the suspects’ vehicle lost control and crashed the vehicle down an embankment,” he said. 

“All of the suspects jumped out of the vehicle and ran in different directions. Two suspects ran in one direction and the other three suspects ran into nearby bushes in a bid to evade arrest. Our tactical community officer and the neighbourhood watch member gave chase and managed to arrest two of the suspects, one of whom was found hiding in a nearby house in a bid to evade arrest. The suspects were handed over to members of the Hillcrest SAPS at the scene,” Wimborne said. Wimborne said one of the suspects had sustained a serious head injury during the crash and had to be treated by paramedics. 

“ER24 paramedics transported the suspect to hospital under police guard. The Hillcrest SAPS has cordoned off the scene and are investigating the case,” he said. Wimborne commended the tactical community officer, neighbourhood watch group and the police for their swift teamwork that led to the arrests. Three suspects remain at large. Three of the five suspects including the so called victim are in police custody.