Police have issued an alert and are cautioning the public to be aware of a new hijacking trend in the northern part of the province.

Police spokesperson, Colonel Thembeka Mbele, said, “It is alleged that syndicates are targeting business owners who will receive a call from a member of the gang requesting a call out for a quotation.

On arrival, the victims are directed to a remote area by a member of the gang. Once they arrive at the remote location, they are attacked by armed men. The victims are usually robbed at gunpoint of their belongings as well as the vehicle. The location of these robberies are usually far from the main road or police station and it takes the victims hours to get assistance. Most of these vehicles are taken across the border.”

Mbele advised business owners that should they get a call out for any form of service in these areas, they should arrange to meet their clients at the nearest police station. “Police in the area should be consulted to ensure that they are not led into a trap and that the call out is indeed legitimate,” Mbele added.