The Westville police appeals to the community to be vigilant and aware of the current common criminal activities that are taking place in the area.

According to Captain Elizabeth Squires, communications officer of Westville SAPS, the two most common crimes affecting residents are gate motor theft and online fraud.

“We appeal to the community to be aware that the gate motors on their premises are high risk for theft. Make every effort to mark your gate motor which will make it easier for police to identify if it is stolen,” said Squires.

Police advised that the serial number on the gate motors and paperwork from the purchase should be kept in a safe place. This allows police to identify and find the stolen item quicker.

Squires added that online fraud was another “common issue” in the area. “Many people are being fooled by online scammers who pretend to be selling cars and other things. They then get you to pay them large amounts of cash and they disappear with the money, never to be found again. Police cannot track the person because they use bogus numbers.”

The police appeals to the community to call the numbers on the adverts first to check if it exists before engaging in any monetary transaction and to be wise when dealing with online purchases.