A suspect wanted for fraud was arrested by the Bellair police.

According to police, Sergeant Selven Perumal and Constable Mkhize, while on patrol, received a complaint of a suspicious motor vehicle at a mall parking lot.

“The vehicle’s registration proved to be a vehicle wanted for fraud. The vehicle was immediately seized and the driver was apprehended. After the vehicle was handed over to the purchaser by the recognised dealership, it was established that fraudulent documents were submitted in order to secure vehicle finance,” said police.

Meanwhile, while the police were transporting the suspect to the station, they were stopped by a hysterical woman telling them that her house was broken into the previous day and the suspect was in the park. “The perpetrator was pointed out and apprehended for burglary. He will appear in court soon,” said the police spokesperson.

Station commander, Lt Col Radash Ramchunder commended the members for their dedication in ensuring excellent service delivery.