Police have issued a warning to members of the community regarding fraud cases being opened against scams on the use of cash send or money market.

Ethekwini Outer South Cluster Communications Officer, Cpt C Rhynes, said, “The cash send or money market is a fast and convenient means of sending or depositing money to your intended cash recipient.
This cash service is used by many, to send money to your loved ones or paying cash to someone. Cash send facility is offered in many big super markets in South Africa.

“With a high usage of this service by the public, fraudsters have seen the opportunity in using it to scam or fraud the public. Of recent, a few cases have been reported, where the depositor of the money would follow all the correct procedures including giving the secret pin to the recipient.

The recipient will get the pin from the sender and when going to withdraw the cash, they will discover that the money has been withdrawn already.”

The public is warned to be careful of this form of cash sending or payment and try using other forms of payment and cash transfers when possible.

“SAPS is committed in creating a safe and secure environment for all people in South Africa, this can only be achieved if individuals and communities cooperate with the police by volunteering information on criminals and their activities.

In partnership, the police and the community can work together to prevent crime,” Cpt Rhynes said