The PinkDrive partnered with Satin Candy lingerie retailer for ‘Pinktober’ during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to offer complimentary breast examinations to customers on Friday, 19 October. KZN PinkDrive Manager, Janice Benecke was at the shop to assist. “Early detection is extremely important. If we can identify a lump when it’s small, then we can prevent surgery. If there is something there, it’s not going away, it’s going to get better. The bigger the lump the bigger the surgery,” said Benecke. Pictured is Sr Michelle Pillay, Janice Benecke (PinkDrive manager) and Danielle Roberts.

“Sister Michelle Pillay was there examine the ladies that came in and taught
them how to examine their breasts at home- a practice that should be regular,” said Benecke.

“Women should check their breasts every month seven days after their
period and have a check up once a year with a professional. Women over 40 should have a mammogram,” added Benecke. Danielle Roberts popped in to have her breast exam on Friday. “I think it is really helpful. Without initiatives like this, I don’t think people will check their breasts- I didn’t know how to examine myself and now I have learnt,” she said.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is observed in October every year.
According to the South African National Cancer Registry, one in 27 women in South Africa will be diagnosed with breast cancer.