The Phoenix #Triplemurder suspect, Collin Pillay (45), who was arrested in connection with the gruesome deaths of three Phoenix women appeared for a formal bail application at the Verulam Magistrate’s Court, today, Wednesday, 3 October.

The bereaved family at the court house earlier today

The distraught family of the victims, Jane Govindsamy and her two daughters, Rackelle (16) and Denisha (22), were supported by a few members of the community who opposed bail for the suspect. The case was postponed to Thursday, 11 October, after details emerged that a case of robbery with aggravating circumstances was added to the investigation docket. Pillay’s defence attorney, Chris Gounden, said that he needed to consult with his client before proceeding further.

Last week, the state opposed Pillay being granted bail, stating that the murders were premeditated, while family, friends and the community strongly called for harsher sentences and criminals to be removed from society.

Pillay remains in custody at the Westville prison as the investigations continue.