The eThekwini Municipality will develop a new crematorium in the Phoenix area to assist in curbing the challenges faced by families during the unfortunate times of death.

A full sitting of the eThekwini Council passed a resolution authorising the Head of Parks Recreation and Culture to proceed with the process of calling for public proposals in respect of the development of the new crematorium.
Local councillors have welcomed the Phoenix crematorium, adding that it will bring relief to many residents. Leader of the Democratic Liberal Congress (DLC), Patrick Pillay stated, “Phoenix with a population of over 350 000 is in urgent need of a crematorium. Currently the community only has access to the Verulam and the Clare Estate Crematorium and these facilities are very busy.

DLC leader, Patrick Pillay, religious leaders and members of the community, seen in a protest awareness at the Woodview Cemetery in 2013

The Phoenix crematorium will be ideally situated to service the many neighbouring suburbs. I have been championing for a crematorium in Phoenix for many years – along with religious leaders and members of the community, we embarked on a protest at the Woodview Cemetery in 2013, calling on the municipality to build a crematorium in Phoenix and I appreciate the pro activeness of the city in making this a reality.”

Minority Front Councillor, Jonathan Annipen added that, “This is another victory for Phoenix as it is densely populated and there is no burial space in any of the surrounding sites. Furnaces in the Verulam crematoria is often out of order and families are left to wait for long hours which further adds to the difficulty of such a loss.

The city must be commended for this initiative and the community can be assured that the Minority Front will continue to fight for the interests of the people who are disenfranchised and marginalised. I encourage businesses and religious groups to get involved in this process so as to create awareness.”

Democratic Alliance Councillor Lyndal Singh added, “The much needed crematorium
will come as a great relief to the residents of Phoenix. It will help alleviate the time constraints experienced at the crematoriums in Durban. Population growth and the shortage of burial spaces played a huge role in the Phoenix crematorium finally being approved. The need for a crematorium to service the community in Phoenix has
been deliberated on for many years and after much consideration this has finally been approved and the Democratic Alliance welcomes the much needed service into the area.”