A 30-year-old Phoenix man was convicted and sentenced to 22 years behind bars on Thursday for the rape and assault of his 52-year-old mother in 2015 and 2016.

Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Cpt L Naidoo, said, “The 52-year-old victim was raped on two occasions by her biological son, the accused, who is unmarried and has no children. The accused suffers from Epilepsy. The victim and the accused reside together in the Phoenix area. It is alleged that during the first time that the victim was raped, she was alone at home with the accused who approached her and informed her that he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her whilst she was having a bath. The accused allegedly booted the bathroom door open as it was locked. The victim refused, telling the accused that she is his mother and that this could not happen. The accused assaulted the victim and forcefully had intercourse with her. Embarrassed by what had happened, the victim waited in her bedroom until her boyfriend arrived. She reported the matter to him and they both went to the neighbour and reported the matter to her.

On the second occasion, the victim was alone with the accused again when he forcefully had sexual intercourse with her on Monday, 21 March 2016. This time, the victim informed her boyfriend, who confronted the accused, who denied the incident. The victim then reported the matter to the police and three days later the accused was arrested. The victim was interviewed by the court and she informed the court that she was afraid for her life as the accused is very violent. The matter appeared before the courts and the accused was sent for mental evaluation.”

Cpt Naidoo added, “Evidence was led in court and the accused was found guilty and convicted for two counts of Rape and one count of Assault. He was convicted to 22 years imprisonment.”