In recent months, the Phoenix SAPS have come under fire for many unexplained incidents, ranging from alleged involvement in missing drugs to police brutality.

The community of Phoenix needed answers as to how and why this may have taken place, often pointing fingers and making incorrect assumptions based on information received from community members on allegations.

In speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid, Brigadier Ndlovu, said, “We strive to serve the community of Phoenix to our utmost ability. I am aware of the many challenges and problems faced by the community. I want to assure the community of our continued support and loyalty. I want to encourage the community to interact with the Community Policing Forum and please follow latest print and social media posts on when the forum is being hosted. If we are being made aware of the communities stand point, then serving the community will be taken to a new level of effectiveness. “I also want to place on record that the current cases which involve SAPS members are being handled by the independent authorities and the community is also urged to contact the Phoenix SAPS and follow due processes if they should be affected by any crimes. We should work together to keep our community safe, and ensure a better living quality for all,” Brig Ndlovu added.

Vispol commander at Phoenix SAPS, Col Moodley, encourages the community to participate in the forums. “SAPS Phoenix is a community-based police station. We belong to the community and all our endeavours towards policing are centred around community policing and partnership policing. The police places a high premium on serving and protecting the community of Phoenix. Yes, there will be problems, both external (high crime rate) and internal (service delivery issues).

“However, the management of the station together with the Community Policing Forum always resolve issues and effectively deal with poor service delivery including integrity and dishonesty. The station management and CPF are open to suggestions on how to improve our services and welcome any community partnership to deal with crime,” Col Moodley said.