It was a delayed start to the 2019 academic year for a Phoenix high school learner who battled to secure a seat at a local high school after her last year was fraught with negativity and she looked to start afresh at a new school.

Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid, the parent of the 15-year-old learner said her daughter had failed a subject by two marks and was thus thoroughly despondent about repeating a year and being taunted by her fellow learners.

“My daughter attempted to end her life because of her less than satisfactory results in a subject and thankfully, we discovered her in time and managed to rush her to a hospital where she was given immediate treatment. She felt that she had failed and would be the laughing stock in school. She then suggested that she would enrol at another high school in the area. This is where our ordeal commenced. We approached a school in the area and was shocked at the response we received. The HOD and principal at the school labelled my daughter a failure and said there was no place for her at that school. They shunned her. We pleaded for a seat at the school and were treated in an appalling manner. My daughter was degraded and made to feel as if she was a reject in society. Even the school governing body chairman added insult to injury,” said the distressed parent.
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