Phoenix experiences water leaks for months


A Phoenix resident, Zahir Danbar, has accused eThekwini Municipality of dragging its feet when attending to water leak complaints. The resident claims he contacted the municipality several times to report the continuous leak on the Phoenix Highway. He said municipal contractors who had initially come out to locate the leak before repairing it left a huge hole behind, and the leak remained, and the hole then became another concern for residents.

“Water has been leaking opposite the Phoenix Plaza since April this year, leaking onto the busy road. Clean drinking water has been wasted for the past three months, must we have water shedding like Cape Town had before anything can be done about this Council needs to fix this problem as soon as possible,” said Danbar. He said that for more than a month there had been leaks all over Phoenix, and that various contractors who had come to fix them had caused more problems.

In a separate incident, a house in Challen Avenue, Phoenix also had a water leak recently and it took council three weeks to fix the leak. Danbar said he was told by the property owners that they called the municipality several times with no success. “Residents are urged to report water leaks and are being told to use water sparingly by the very same municipality that allows clean drinking water to go to waste for weeks and months on end. This is unacceptable,” said the irate resident.

Responding to queries by The Phoenix Tabloid regarding the leak, eThekwini Municipality spokesperson, Msawakhe Mayisela said, “A team will be sent out to investigate the matter. We have attended to a similar water leak, however, we cannot assume that the fault is the same. This will be determined by our investigation. We continue to urge residents to please report all water leaks to the city on the number 080 1313013 or send a message on the WhatsApp water reporting line number, 073 148 3477.

“Residents can also use the number 43554 to SMS when reporting water leaks or email [email protected] The sooner the matter is reported, the sooner the city can send a team to resolve the matter,” Mayisela said.