Phoenix CPF chairman calls for pet safety during ‘fireworks season’


Phoenix CPF chairman, Umesh Singh, is calling for calm during this fireworks season and he is appealing to the community of Phoenix to take cognizance of the laws in place and the well-being of pets and stray animals.

“We understand that this is a season of celebration but we must be mindful to abide by the by-laws that govern our community and most of all, we need to ensure that pets are prepared for the approaching festivities,” said Singh.
“Often, pets are hard hit during this time and the loud bags cause them to cower in fear and often flee their residences out of stark terror.

In their haste to find refuge, they are mowed down by vehicles whilst scampering across busy roadways. Many pets are lost and suffer malnutrition and injuries during their ‘fright flight,’ added Singh. Singh urged pet owners to prepare for the forthcoming celebrations by ensuring that they have a safe haven within their homes for their animal babies.

“The thunderous sounds that emanate from fireworks cause distress and harm to animals. It sends them into a panicked frenzy and they react violently to it by attempting to escape the loud bangs. This causes them injury and harm.

“Please consult with your local vet or the SPCA for pet calming medication. Prepare a safe room for your pet and be there to comfort them. We do not want pets to be hurt or harmed during the forthcoming fireworks celebrations. Let’s be humane and respect the animals around us,” said Singh.

The Kloof and Highway SPCA offered the following advice which will help reduce the amount of stress your pets experience during this ‘fireworks season’:

  • Please ensure that your animals have some form of identity for example a collar and tag, with your contact details on the tag, and/or microchip. Microchipping can be done by your local vet or contact the SPCA to get your pet microchipped.
  • If your pets are particularly frightened of fireworks, staying at home with your pets would mean that you would be there to comfort them, alternatively try and ensure that someone is able to watch them for you or keep your pets inside, draw the curtains and play calming music or the radio.
  • Entertain your pets by giving them something to chew on or play with, catnip is a great idea for cats.
  • Consult your vet or local SPCA for calming medication. Do not give medication intended for humans to animals.