The Phoenix mum and her boyfriend, accused of physically abusing the woman’s four-year-old daughter appeared amidst throngs of incensed protesters in the Verulam Magistrate’s Court this morning.

The notorious couple caught on video in the abuse of Phoenix Baby X, arrived to a jeering crowd who called for justice for the abused child while condemning the accused.

The Tabloid Media journalist who was in court, reported that the child’s mother appeared distant whilst her boyfriend remained stone-faced.

The case has been adjourned for 25 April as investigations are continuing and documentation is outstanding. The Child Court is also investigating further and a hearing will take place soon.

The couple who is out on bail, requested for their bail conditions to be amended but the magistrate denied their request citing that the old bail conditions are still applicable. Both the accused requested visiting rights to the child.

The injured child is currently recuperating in a place of safety.

North Coast CPF Cluster chairman, Umesh Singh, said, “It was hoped that this grievous matter would have been settled today, however, we have to respect the court’s decision. We trust that in the next hearing, this matter will be concluded and justice will prevail for the innocent child whilst the perpetrators will be punished accordingly by the court.”

“The act of child abuse against the four-year old girl will not go unnoticed. We as the community will continue to stand in solidarity with her. We will be her voice to ensure that the justice system does not fail her. The law must not be soft against child abusers. No mercy must be shown to the mother and her boyfriend. These two individuals are not fit to be parents. We pray and hope that the mother loses custody and rights to her child. We, as a community, do not want to see a repetition of events such as in the case of Baby Jamie and Shahiel. Sadly, they paid the price at the hands of careless and unfit adults,” said Cllr Bradley Singh.