A group of brazen house robbery suspects dressed in full police regalia brutally assaulted three pensioners at their home in Rocky Mountain Drive, Shallcross, before making off with an undisclosed amount of cash, jewellery and household items. The incident happened last Thursday morning.

Speaking to The Chatsworth Tabloid one of the victims, 68, said it was around 10.30am when she saw the first suspect drive into the property next door in a black Mercedes Benz.

“He was dressed in a police uniform and pretended to be looking for suspects in the bush behind our property. He said he needed permission to enter my residence. I said I am not coming out and ran inside and pushed the panic button,” she said. “I heard a loud noise. He had called four other men who began breaking the front gate of my home while five other suspects broke down the gate of my back door. They used a crowbar and other items and barged inside my home. They threw me onto the chair and asked my sister, who is 66, where our jewellery and money was, while hitting her.” The victim said that a Metro officer then arrived at the home and thought the suspects were policemen and that the scene was already covered. “They beat the officer and threw away his vehicle keys. They threw the policeman on the bed and stole his rifle, radio and bulletproof vest. 

“They then ransacked the house taking jewellery and cash and other belongings.  Another vehicle, a BMW X5 was ready to take off in the yard.” The victim said that at that point, her husband, 69, returned home from the shop. “They pushed my husband on the floor and dragged him from the yard. They punched  him in the eyes and lips and demanded where the safe and jewellery were. We heard them say in Zulu that they had to leave and sped off.”

The victim’s son said: “My elderly father is a dialysis patient and goes for four sessions, twice a week. He endured so much pain and trauma from the assault. He had to be admitted in hospital after the incident. My mum is still suffering from body pains after being man-handled by the suspects.”

The son said that it was shocking that all the suspects were dressed in police attire including firearms, boots and vests. “We have been living here for 44 years and this was the third armed robbery we have experienced. There is nothing left to steal in this house and my parents cannot endure further pain and trauma. It is one thing to steal stuff but to inflict the aged is inhumane,” he said. Sivan Subramodey, spokesperson for Amawele Emergency Services said when paramedics arrived on the scene, they found one man and two women injured. 

He said that they were allegedly beaten with a rifle and hand guns.  KwaZulu-Natal police provincial spokesperson, Colonel Thembeka Mbele, said the complainant alleged she was with her sister at Rocky Mountain Road in Shallcross when five men entered their home. “At gunpoint, the suspects removed cash, jewellery and a 9mm pistol before fleeing the scene on foot. A case of robbery was opened at Chatsworth police station for investigation,” Mbele said.