The sharing of information and keeping an open channel of communication between a victim and the police resulted in the arrest of two house robbery suspects who allegedly assaulted a pensioner.

On Thursday, 8 February, Samuel Titus Moodley (27) and Remus Naidoo (20) appeared at the Chatsworth Magistrates Court and were remanded to Durban Regional Court. This follows after the 85-year old pensioner was held up at his home, allegedly by the pair on Tuesday, 5 February in Westcliff.

Speaking to the Chatsworth Tabloid, grand-daughter of the victim, Nathasia Naidoo stated that this was not the first time that their home had been targeted by criminals.
“On Friday, 2 February a suspect entered our property and made off with a hose and a fitting. When I arrived home, I looked at our camera footage and saw the suspect. On Tuesday, my grandfather was alone inside the house with the gate locked and the kitchen door open. The two suspects entered the property and accosted him. They made him lie down on the floor and tied his legs with black lace. They also gagged his mouth with a t-shirt. One of the suspects went upstairs with a knapsack and took our DVR with the camera footage, a WIFI router and Tablet.

“Our kitchen neighbour then heard my grandfather’s muffled cries for help and called the house phone. The suspects picked up the phone. This alerted the neighbour who called the police and myself at work. The suspects then ran away,” said Naidoo.

Naidoo added that the incident is one of many on her road, Rainbow Crescent in Westcliff and several neighbours are targeted by criminal elements due to the overgrown bush behind their home which attracts prostitution, drugs and crime.

Chatsworth SAPS Communications Officer Captain Cheryl Pillay confirmed the incident.“The suspects had gained entry into the home and assaulted the pensioner before fleeing. An alert neighbour who witnessed this robbery immediately alerted police. Sgt Moodley and Cst Chetty of Chatsworth SAPS responded to the scene where they interviewed the complainant. At this stage, police established that the same property had been broken into on Friday, 2 February where the members had viewed the footage of the burglary and obtained the identikit of the burglar, and both members left their contact details with the complainant,” said Pillay.

Within hours of the house robbery on Monday, Sgt Moodley received information from the complainant  that the suspects were seen at the Westcliff Sports Grounds.
“The members immediately proceeded to the grounds making use of another vehicle so that the suspects would not see the police approaching. When the members alighted the vehicle, the suspects began fleeing,” said Pillay.

Pillay stated that both members gave chase on foot, successfully apprehending the suspects. “Police seized a hard drive and a Telekom Router. Further investigations revealed that the suspects had allegedly committed this robbery with the purposes of retrieving the video footage that could have possibly linked them to the burglary committed the previous week,” said Pillay.The Station Commander of Chatsworth SAPS Brigadier Coenraad Marais commends the swift action taken by the members. “Their actions speaks volumes of commitment and passion to assist the people of our community. The members gave their personal cellular numbers to the complainant to ensure that information was shared. This trust and open communication between the complainant and the police has resulted in the arrests of the suspects. Police are appealing to the public to heed to the advice given to the public. It could save your life,” said Marais.