A group of parents from a local school have embarked on a school safety initiative in an effort to ensure safety and instill discipline amongst the learners.

At Grandmore Primary School, parents have taken school safety and discipline to a new level by working closely with the school principal and staff to make the school environment more safe for the pupils and their teachers.

Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid, group chairperson, Sandra Pillay stated, “As parents we have formed a committee to assist the principal and educators at the school with safety and discipline amongst learners. We offer regular talks to the kids where we highlight the importance of good behaviour, the school’s code of conduct and issues such as bullying amongst pupils. We’ve also started a reading programme to assist learners that are slower than others and we’ve so far seen good results where kids are performing much better in class.”

“Since the inception of the initiative, we’ve noted that many kids needed guidance in terms of the way they carry themselves in school. The SAPS has also come on board to assist us whenever we need them and we hope that this initiative will do some good to our kids,” added Pillay.

Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid, sector chairperson, Neresh Rughunath stated, “Three months ago school kids arrested in school with drugs and dangerous weapons, two months ago a school kid was stabbed outside the school, a month ago school kids were caught bunking school and caught with drugs in their possession and just two weeks ago kids were found to be bullying another child at a local school. This is the reality of what is happening in some
of the schools today. The group of dedicated parents of Grandmore Primary assist the kids in the morning when being dropped off as well as during lunch time. This initiative began a few weeks ago when the parents
decided to invest a little more into their kids education.

“I would like to place my sincere appreciation to the parents, Rapid Response Team (RRT) and the school principal for taking such an important approach to school safety and wish to encourage parents of other schools to start the same programmes at their schools. May all the teams keep up the good work,” added Rughunath.