The Overport SRS Primary School recently received E-Learining equipment to the value of R568 900. This was provided by the South African Muslim Charitable Trust (SAMCT), and included data projectors, screens and Wi-Fi facilities that equipped 26 classrooms in the primary school.

The representatives of SAMCT together with the school management

The SAMCT is a charitable organisation that provides funding, services and other resources for the improvement of the lives of the vulnerable, deprived and disadvantaged. They identified the economically disadvantaged pupils at Overport SRS Primary School and transformed the school’s educational methods, with their monumental donation of E-Learing equipment. During the handing over of the new equipment to the school, Gaf Osman, a representative of the SAMCT said that the digital age is impacting society in a number of ways and that the educational environment is also changing because of this.

“Teaching and learning is changing and changing rapidly, with technology opening up to pupils both immediacy and connectivity in terms of all things educational. South Africa needs to embrace technology as it is the way of the future, if not, the country will run the risk of being left behind. We owe it to our youth, to expose them to such tools for their own development and advancement. It is them who will inherit a world far-removed from the educational and business processes of older generations,”said Osman. He said that the introduction of 21st century technology should be the norm across all South African schools, but the financial strain makes it hard for schools to use these tools. He expressed his joy at the fact that the principal and staff of Overport SRS Primary School have aimed to provide the school’s pupils with the best chance at a significantly improved education despite facing severe financial constraints and related socio-economic factors.

“The equipping of no fewer than 26 classrooms with sophisticated information technology equipment, valued at R568 900 will bring a new dimension to the journey of learning. It will do much to broaden the educational horizons of pupils and will go further in expanding and enhancing their overall knowledge base, skills development, comprehension and abilities, which will properly prepare them for life beyond education,” said Osman.

The SAMCT representative said that the staff’s dedication towards their pupils by placing their needs above all else, is greatly commended. He also stated that the SAMCT was aware of the difficulties that the primary school faces in terms of raising and securing funding. Osman hopes that in making this contribution it will result in a more technologically advanced future for the pupils and their ability to take what they learn forward to high school and beyond.