18-year-old Sheslin Naidoo managed an impressive eight A’s during the matric examinations.

Naidoo scored distinctions in all his subjects which were English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Life Orientation, Accounting, Information Technology, Life Science and Physical Science and finished with an aggregate of 93.6%.

Naidoo believes that faith in God has been behind his success. He says: “I firmly believe that all of my marks is a result of the grace of God in my life.’’

He is hoping to pursue university studies in Computer science and Mathematics this year and study Data Science at postgraduate level in the future.
Outside academics, Naidoo’s describes his favourite hobby as being video-gaming. He said, “My mother actually finds humour in the fact that my number one hobby is video gaming. Apart from that, I enjoy both watching and playing soccer and cricket’’.

When asked to provide tips to other youth on how they can achieve academic success, Naidoo said, “trust in God ofcourse, if it worked for me then it can work for you. It would also be good to try and not let other people stress you out. You know your own abilities and you know what you need to do. No one can ever push you more than you can push yourself’’.

Sheslin’s mother Malini said, “Sheslin is a humble, quiet and soft natured person and I don’t say this because he is my son but this is who he really is around everyone who knows him.
Like all mothers and sons, Sheslin and I share a very special bond. This is also because he is our only child.’’