The latest frenzy amongst kids is Zaara Ballim’s Oober Slime which she created from her own kitchen in Durban North with the help of her mom Nasima Kader. The product has become so popular among kids creating a huge demand for it. It was accidentally introduced to the public on the playground at Northlands Primary School where Zaara is currently attending grade 2.

The Chatsworth Tabloid got a sit down with the 8-year-old to hear about her innovative idea.

Chatsworth Tabloid (CT) How did the idea for the slime come about?

Zaara Ballim (ZB) At school, I saw a few people playing with slime and I didn’t know what it was. But I was curious and wanted to find out, so I asked the kids what it was and they said slime. When I got back home I searched on google for slime and I loved it and began to research it more. And I wanted to make it, so I bugged my parents and we bought the ingredients and made it at home.

CT: How fun was it to make your own?
ZB:It was lots of fun, and I didn’t get it right the first time around, some slimes were too hard , some were too soft but eventually I got it right.

CT: How did you feel when the kids at your school liked or enjoyed playing with your invention?
ZB: I felt very happy and proud, and it made me happy when they liked all the colours and smells.

CT: How does it feel to know that your business initiative is a success?
ZB: I feel very good especially when we do markets where we sell the Oober slime, and people like the slime even the adults.

CT: What were some of the challenges that you faced when you were making your product?
ZB:My dad shouting at me for making a big mess at home. Also when I wanted to get the texture right, we had to try different things like mixing our ingredients in slowly and letting it stand to set into the perfect slime. Also learning to put the ingredients in at the right time.

CT: How long did it take for you to be satisfied with the results?
ZB:One week, because after I made it the first time, I researched more and found ways to get it better.

CT: What can people expect from the oober slime?
ZB: Fun little sensory play gooey experience.

CT: I see you are doing a lot of things with your mom, what else do you guys get up to?
ZB: Selling the slime and also making it with different colours and smells and all the sparkly and glittery things. I also like eating out with my mum and going to the beach.

CT: What do you enjoy doing besides selling slime?
ZB: Making instagram videos where I show and tell people about my slime.

CT: What would you say is the best part about your time together?
ZB: School mornings, because we talk in the car and just before bedtime.

CT: Best holiday destination?
ZB: The MSC cruise to Portuguese Islands.

CT: Favourite colour?
ZB: Blue

CT: You a big sister to a little brother or sister?
ZB: Little Brother

CT: Favourite sport?
ZB: Swimming, Hockey and Soccer.