Local singer Zazz offers a unique country performance and vocal range that commands the stage. Growing up on a farm, her country roots run deep. She will be performing in Westville on 4 August and on her Facebook page Zazz keeps fans up to date with her other forthcoming shows. The Westville Weekly Gazette caught up with Zazz to find out her inside story.

The Westville Weekly Gazette (TWWG): When did you first fall in love with music and what was your favourite genre?
Zazz (Z): To be honest, starting out I fell in love with the music my dad played. I remember ‘The ketchup song’ and ‘The hamsterdance song’ to name a few, but when I started growing up I loved pop. I remember often singing Britney Spears songs and always wanting to be like her.

TWWG: Tell us a bit about how you developed your own style of music? What are some of your influences or inspirations?
Z: After my Britney Spears phase, I later became a huge fan of Taylor Swift, which was the start of my country music love. Again, a huge influence was also my dad and his love for country music. Also, growing up as a farm girl rooted some of my country soul. These influenced my style, but unlike traditional country, I love modern country and singing the ones that let me belt out some high notes.

TWWG: How has social media revolutionised the music scene?
Z: In some ways it has been great, you have access to all types of music, it has become easily accessible. You have a better platform. But in other ways CDs and albums are no longer needed, as you are able to just get the one song that you like.

TWWG: Do you think women are at an advantage or disadvantage in the music scene right now?
Z: An advantage, there are not as many well-known female artists as men, so hopefully that means it is easier to get noticed.

TWWG: Have you ever had to brave a cringe-worthy mishap on stage?
Z: That moment when you can’t figure out the next line in the song. Your mind goes blank, and then you get even more confused. Until you finally remember where you are.

TWWG: If you weren’t a musician what would you do?
Z: Hmmm, I’d be a chef.

TWWG: Do you have any ‘pet peeves’ about the music industry?
Z: Sometimes as a woman you get perceived as a ‘diva.’

TWWG: What myths about musicians do you want to bust?
Z: ‘You will only make it if you go overseas’. I really want to prove them all wrong.

TWWG: Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?
Z: Never give up on your dreams because you never know, you could be in the right place at the right time, and someone could discover your soul when you sing.

TWWG: Do you think that music has the power to shape society and if so, what kind of effect do you want to have?
Z: Definitely, I want to encourage women to stand up for themselves, to love the person in the mirror enough to believe that they are enough.

TWWG: How has your tour benefitted you as a musician?
Z: My confidence has improved, finally believing that I ‘own the stage’. When I am up there, again it comes down to confidence. It has also allowed me to get my name out there more, and share my songs and stories.

The perfect Sunday would be … sleeping late, breakfast in bed, staying in pyjamas all day, watching my favourite chick flicks, laughing and crying along with the movie, sharing it all with someone I love.

My superpower would be … teleportation.
The worst date ever would be … an awkward dinner at a fast food restaurant.
Stay in or a night out? That’s tough, I love both, I’d love five nights in an two nights out.

Hiking or clubbing? Neither, haha.

Spicy or mild? Spicy.