On the Couch with Yash Ori


Yash Ori is a business woman in the motor world industry and together with her partner Prethiven Naidoo they run Gas Magazine. Ori also runs a corporate branding business called InstaBrand Corp. Tabloid Newspapers spoke with Ori to find out more about her journey in the motor world industry.

Tabloid Newspapers (TN):
How did your love for cars begin?

Yash Ori (YO):
My love for cars began as a hobby in 2003, when I began entering my vehicle in ‘Sound Off’ competitions.

TN: How did your journey with Gas Magazine begin?
YO: My journey with Gas Magazine began when I was completing my studies in International Marketing and Management, in 2010. I did not know that this would set me on the path where I infused what I studied with my passion for cars. I also ended meeting my life partner Prethiven Naidoo, our mutual love for cars and the motor industry transformed Gas Magazine and we made magic happen.

TN: Do you ever find it intimidating being a female in the motor sport industry?
YO: Being a female in the motor industry is challenging at times because most people do not expect you to know as much as you do about the industry, or about the different facets of motor sport. I have always felt more comfortable in the motor industry than in any other, so for me it was not intimidating because it is what I know and love.

TN: What are some of the skills you need to possess, to work in this industry?
YO: An open mind and the ability to view things from all perspectives. You also need a lot of patience, especially when it comes to events.

TN: What are some of the challenging aspects about being in your line of work?
YO: The most challenging aspect is coming up with new and innovative events, as well as juggling running a business, hosting events and still making time for family. When it comes to business, the market is always changing and you have to be ahead of the curve to maintain a solid business model. As it is either you innovate or die.

TN: What are some of your favorite aspects about being in your line of work?
YO: My favourite aspects of my line of work is that I get to be part of something new and fresh all the time so it does not get old. My staff are really amazing to work with because they are creative and we always have a positive and fun vibe when coming to work. We also have amazing customers and get to meet interesting people all the time.

TN: How has your family supported you in your career?
YO: My family have always been supportive of my endeavours by attending my events, and they are also very understanding. On most weekends there are events on, so I do not get to see them as much.

TN: What have been some of your personal achievements for 2019?
YO: This past year has been a great milestone for me as we hosted the Gas Motorshow and had the pleasure of bringing down three international celebrities from USA. These included Murder Nova, Farmtruck and AZN from the TV show Street Outlaws . It
has been an incredible journey to reflect on where we started to what we have accomplished thus far. We will also be ending off this year with our drag racing event ‘Grudge Racing’. For the first time we will bring spinning to Dezzi Raceway, which will put the cherry on top of an epic year.

TN: What are some of goals for thefuture?
YO: As they say the sky is not the limit when you can see footprints on the moon, so the future for me would be to continue drag racing and to continue growing the motorsport industry.  

TN: Who is your inspiration?
YO: My dad, he has always been my inspiration. He has always told me that I can be or do anything I want to, as long as I do my best at it, as well as my fiancé who has always pushed the envelop by dreaming big.

TN: Are you currently reading anything?
YO: I am currently reading a book that is
really interesting and I cannot wait to complete it. The author is Mark Manson and it is a selfhelp book called, ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.’

TN: Favorite musician?
YO: My favourite musician is Jay Z, but I do enjoy a wide range of music and various artists.

TN: Favorite car?
YO: I have always loved a Scooby (Subaru). However, with times that are changing, there are so many cars that have such unique attributes like the sound of the engine, the handling capabilities of a drift car or drag car. I love them all its like being a little kid in a candy store  

TN: Best piece of advice you have received?
YO:  ‘Just be you’ and ‘stay humble’.

TN: What advice can you give to females who want to start their own business, but aren’t sure where to start?
YO: To any female out there in any industry, the best advice I can give you is to take the first step towards greatness and do not limit yourself, because those small goals lead to an incredible final goal that you nor anyone else can imagine.


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