An ordinary ‘girl next-door’ received an extraordinary opportunity to showcase her skills, and she never looked back. Sheena Ramouthar, formally from Demat, Klaarwater, now resides in Malvern. Despite juggling her studies, job and an acting career, Ramouthar took time out of her busy schedule to chat with Tabloid Newspapers.

Tabloid Newspapers (TN):
What was your childhood like?

Sheena Ramouthar (SR):
I grew up in a rural area called Demat, in Klaarwater. I lived in a wood and iron house which was built by my late dad. He passed away when I was six-years-old, so my mum took on the role of both parents.

TN: What are some of your fondest memories from when you were a child?
SR: Playing with my cousins in my grandfather’s orchid. We loved it so
much that we built a kitchen and would even cook food there.

TN: Where did you go to school/university and what did you study?
SR: I attended Shallcross Primary School and completed matric at Meadowlands Secondary School in Chatsworth. I went to Varsity College where I obtained a Bookkeeping Diploma and now I am studying through UNISA to obtain my LLB Degree.

TN: Did you always have a passion for production/theatre, how did it all (start?
SN: Throughout primary school I would
be the first person to volunteer to participate in concerts. I was the school mascot, on the debate team. Basically anything that allowed me to be centre stage. As I grew up, I became the family MC . It was this that got me spotted by Kumaran Naidoo who asked me to audition for a movie that he was making called The Curse of Highway Sheila. I auditioned and landed a role in the movie. Although I appeared on screen for a few seconds, I knew that
it was the start to greater things. After a few years when Kumaran Naidoo held auditions for Broken Promises 4, I had to go. Soon after I auditioned, I landed the role of ‘Cookie’. Being on set allowed me to interact with people who I only read about. My passion and drive did not go unnoticed and I was offered the opportunity to do theatre with Aunty Sheila.

TN: What are some of your fondest memories in theatre?
SR: My fondest memory is sharing the stage with Theshen Naicker. I was blessed with the opportunity to work with Sheila Power Production-Hello Darlings, Aunty Sheila here .

TN: Who is you role model or inspiration in life?
SR: My mum. She is such an amazing woman. She taught me that nothing is impossible and I value her high morals and values.

TN: Who is your inspiration in theatre?
SR: Theshen Naicker. He is such a humble person and I learn something new each time that we meet.

TN: Who is your inspiration in production?
SR: Kumaran Naidoo. He gave an ordinary girl with an extraordinary dream a chance and for that I will be forever grateful.

TN: What are some of your great life lessons?
SR: Be grateful for what you have. Be humble, helpful, and pleasant because the only thing we leave behind in this world is memories. Make sure that they are good memories.

TN: What are some of the projects that you are involved in?
SR: Currently, I am rehearsing for another theatre performance called Aunty Sheila – You’re Hired , and I have a few movie offers which I am busy reviewing.

TN: Movies or a book?
SR: Romantic Hindi movies.

TN: Sleepover or a girl s night out?
SR: Sleepover.

TN: Superman or Batman?
SR: Hanuman.

TN: What would you do if you found a penguin in the freezer?
SR: Burst into tears. Thereafter, scold my husband for putting it there.

TN: What is the best advice that you can give to others?
SR: Keep your feet firmly on the
ground and reach for the stars.