“It’s a dream of every young entrepreneur to be featured in Forbes Magazine. I am very grateful for being recognised for being a change maker in technology. It allows me to advocate women in technology and help me share my experience to uplift other young entrepreneurs.” These are sentiments shared by Nureshka Viranna who was recently announced as one of the Forbes Africa U30 list for the Under 30-Meet-Up in association with Kingdom Business Network (KBN). The Durban born Viranna, 27, is a young entrepreneur and also a Women in Technology advocator and co-founder of eCommerce company, ShopLi. Speaking to Tabloid Newspapers on her achievement, she said she has always wanted to be an entrepreneur and has been very good at sales.

Tabloid Newspapers (TN): What does being a female change maker mean to you?
Nureshka Viranna (VN): Nobody realises how much harder women work in every field, most things are male dominated. Being a female change maker opens a new pathway to show women that anything is possible. As a young woman, I’m able to help encourage women to assert themselves and act upon their ideas – to make it happen.

TN: What does ShopLi entail?
VN: ShopLi is an eCommerce specialist company. We provide custom solutions to both small and large businesses. We meet businesses and help innovate their businesses creating solutions to increase their ROI.

TN: Do you feel that that technology is the future and why?
VN: Definitely. We do everything online. Technology is making life more convenient which people love. We’re doing banking online, we’re buying groceries and clothes online and have them delivered to us, and so much more.

TN: When did your start having a passion for technology and what was your inspiration?
VN: Technology has always been a passion. I always loved working on my computer and laptop. I was inspired to help people. A lot of businesses were struggling due to the high rentals, and large overheads. I was inspired to find a solution to help these people.

TN: On the global stage, who inspires you?
VN: On the global stage, Sheryl Sandberg is the woman that inspires me.

TN: Where do you see yourself in the industry?
VN: I see myself as an eCommerce specialist. I eat, sleep and breath eCommerce. We are always innovating and ensuring that we are keeping up with the constant changes.

TN: What do you do in your spare time or are you always thinking of new innovations?
VN: I’m always thinking of new innovations. Currently I am in the process of launching Lit Academy, online tuition to improve learner performance.

TN: How do your parents feel about your achievement?
VN: My parents are very proud. I’ve had a very sound upbringing and have been instilled with values and integrity. They have been very supportive and I’m very grateful for them having an open mind.

TN:What would you say to other young females to inspire them to be like you one day?
VN: Women are multi-faceted individuals and have various roles that they play throughout their lives. You can do it all. We have great ideas, but an idea is just an idea unless you act on it. We have the skills and tools to make it in technology. It’s all about actually making it happen.

TN: What challenges have you faced in your industry and how do you feel they can be addressed?
VN: A lot of people are wary of taking their business online because they don’t know what to expect. The way in which we can address this through education and awareness. The whole world is moving online and the stats show how eCommerce is growing.