On the Couch with DBG


When they met in high school, they realised that they had something in common, their love for music and that is how DBG was born. The name DBG comes from the combination of their stage names Innocent Mathaba AKA Dotcom, Thembelani Qokela known as Busted and Thabani Sibiya as Small G. The trio who currently resides in Sea Cow Lake and Newlands West are known for their hit songs “Tshela Ngalo” and “Umazulu”. They are also known for their electrifying performances that leave the audience asking for more. Tabloid Newspapers spoke to the trio about their love for music and where they see themselves in the future.

Tabloid Newspapers (TN):
Which school did you guys meet at and when?

DBG: We met at Sea Cow Lake Secondary School in 2009. Because of our love for music we decided to form a group, hence, DBG was born.

TN: It is my understanding that you are somewhat different yet alike when it comes to music, tell us about that?
DBG: Small G is a Dj. Dotcom is a dancer and Busted is a singer and songwriter. Together we make the meanest combination. We take our music seriously and we are here to stay.

TN: Why Durban kwaito out of all the music genres?
DBG: Truth is, when we started our group, people believed that kwaito music was dead which was wrong. Kwaito music will never die when were are still alive, it will only grow and evolve. It’s a kwaito revolution. The tempo of kwaito beats have increased from 119 to 128 depending on how the track is sampled. Now, kwaito music got house beats which is why we say it is evolved because nothing remains the same forever.

TN: What sets you apart from other Kwaito groups?
DBG : Our music is unique and meaningful.

TN: What is your music about?
DBG: Our music is about our experiences. We are young and most youths relate to it. We also make sure that we send out positive messages through our music.

TN: Briefly tell us about some of the people you have worked with?
DBG: We have worked with Msawawa, Mgarimbe, Dollar, Dj Dansani, Dr Popzin and Singil.

TN: And the people you have shared the stage with?
DBG: We have shared the stage with Big Nuz, Tzozo and Professor, Dj Cleo, Zakes Bantwini, Dj Sindara and Dj Tira.

TN: When can we expect an album from DBG?
DBG: We have a new single coming up which promises to be a hit. In terms of an album, we are working on it and when we are ready you will be the first person to know. The single title is “sthela ngalo”. We worked with Trademark and Mapopo.com on this track.

TN: What are some of the challenges that you are faced with in the industry?
DBG: We are faced with a lot of challenges like perfuming for free which is costing us a lot of money. We have to arrange transport to and from the venue, studio fee but our biggest challenge is getting slots, radio play and paying gigs.
TN: How has the public responded to your music?
DBG: So far, we haven’t received any complaints about our music. People seem to be enjoying it and that is all that matters to us.
TN: Where do you see yourselves in five years from now?
DBG: In a few years, we see ourselves owning a big recording company, helping our fellow artists that are serious about music and planning to sacrifice all for music. We aim to do something that can help the needy people and the orphans, because that little something will make a huge difference in impacting people’s lives.
TN: How easy is it to work together, do you ever have a difference of opinion?
DBG : For sure, we are different individuals with the same vision. We talk about our differences and come to a compromise. After all, we are a team and at the end of the day, we sit down together and have a good laugh about it while planning our next move that will take the group forward.
TN: Besides music, what else do you do together?
DBG: We have a business of hiring out a sound system and a car wash.