The Durban Wellness Festival held a media launch at the South African Sugar Association offices on Tuesday, 17 October at 10 am.

The festival, to be held on Saturday, 11 November along Durban’s Golden Mile will include live music and a 5km run while educating the community about diabetes and overall wellness. This event runs in conjunction with the World Diabetes Day and is a Diabetes South Africa (DSA) sanctioned event.

“Im very very excited about our event this year and that we have rebranded it because its no longer a diabetes walk but a wellness festival,” said Jenny Russell, KZN Manager for Diabetics South Africa (DSA).

“We are going to have such fun that day we have got everything from Zumba to Yoga we have a beautiful singer, DJs and many physical activities happening,” said Russell. Singer for the day, Holly Wasserfall has been managing diabetes for 11 years.