A Blue Security officer gave chase to robbers who broke into an Umbilo business in the early hours of Monday morning.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer, Andreas Mathios,
said the unrelenting reaction officer stuck on the fleeing robbers like
glue, not letting them get away with stolen goods, until they were cornered and forced to abandon the vehicle.

“When the officer arrived on scene, he disturbed the suspects, who had been loading stolen goods into the vehicle, and they quickly fled at speed. Our officer gave chase along with a member of the public while phoning for backup. Erratically racing up the N2 out of Durban, the suspects tried to shake our officer, who wasn’t going to let them get away that easily.

“The Durban Flying Squad quickly joined in the chase and the suspects were cornered. They starting shooting at police officers while getting out of the vehicle and fled on foot into the dark,” said Mathios. He said the vehicle with stolen goods were recovered.