Quick and vigilant work by a Chilltern Hills Neighbourhood Watch patroller, Paul Rose, led to a familiar suspect being spotted.

According to Captain Elizabeth Squires, Westville SAPS communications officer, Rose immediately called Sergeant Steven Clark and alerted him of the situation.

The fragments of a crushed spark plug found on the suspect

Clark was in the company of Warrant Officer Bramley at the time and the two officers rushed to the scene. The suspect (21) was searched and was found in possession of a parcel containing fragments of a crushed spark plug.

“These chips, when thrown at an automobile window, shatter the glass immediately. So they arrested him for possession of car breaking implements,” said Squires.

The successful arrest did not end there as Bramley recalled that he arrested the same suspect earlier this year.

“He was found guilty and sentenced to a short term in prison. We think it can be reasonably suspected that he was back to work and maybe diversified his craft.

He appeared in court and is awaiting trial. “We look forward to the trial,” said Squires.

A case of possession of carbreaking implements is being investigated by Westville police. Squires thanked Rose for his alertness and vigilance.