Since Wednesday, 20 February more than 70 people were arrested in roadblocks around Durban for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Metro Police spokesperson, Superintendent Parboo Sewpersad said, “This is an escalating problem and drastic measures need to be taken.”

“During the course of the week have had more than 70 arrests from drunk driving in the city and just outside,” he said.
Motorist are being cautioned as the National Prosecution Authority will be handing down harsher sentences. Dovan Pillay said, “I think harsher punishments need to be considered in this situation. Motorist who do not have any respect for the road or the rules should not be allowed to drive.”

Another motorist Pamela Pillay said, “I was recently involved in a horrible accident, the driver of the other vehicle was extremely drunk and was unable to even speak properly. It is scary that those of us who follow these road rules have to suffer for those who blatantly ignore them.”

Pillay went on to say that her 12-year-old daughter who had in the vehicle at the time of the accident was sustained multiple injuries and her vehicle was written off.
20-year-old Daylan Naidoo said, “My friends and I enjoy our weekend parties and drinking, however we always have a designated driver or call a taxi. The faster we realise the horrible outcomes of driving under the influence, the safer our roads will be.”
“It is becoming a problem. People are still drinking and driving, whether it is a weekday or weekend. We will ask the National Prosecution Authority to hand down harsher sentences,” Sewpersad said.