The South African Social Security Agency is urging beneficiaries not to withdraw all their funds at once or in one day. The new SASSA gold card works like any other bank card. Beneficiaries will not be penalised for not withdrawing all their money in their accounts. The remaining funds in the account will still be safe.

Social grants payment funds can be withdrawn on any different days throughout the month according to a beneficiary’s needs.Therefore, SASSA is requesting beneficiaries to avoid going into busy places during the start of the month. During the beginning of the month, scammers and thugs target the vulnerable to rob them. It is advisable to do shopping or withdraw money in the middle of the month.
Those still using the old white SASSA card are in danger of not receiving their social grants payment and they are encouraged to immediately change the method of payment.

There are different methods of choice either to the new SASSA card or through direct deposits into their private bank account as no money will be deposited to the old card.

In the fight against poverty and inequality, government has allocated R567 billion for social grant payments, as of 1 April social grants will increase as follows:
1) R80 increase for old age from R1700 into R1 780.
2) R80 increase for disability from
R1 700 into R1 780.
3) R80 increase for war veterans from
R1 720 into R1 800.
4) R40 increase for foster care grant from R960 into R1000.
5) Child support grant will increase from R410 into R420 in April and to R430 in October.
For more information, contact the Customer Care Unit on 013 754 9439/9428 or the hotline number: 0800 60 10 11 from 8am – 4pm during Monday – Friday.