Another baby has been dumped. This time a fully developed foetus of a baby girl was discovered in a bin on Todd St in the Verulam CBD on Monday, 24 July.

A street vendor flagged down a Reaction Unit South Africa (Rusa) vehicle and requested assistance after a homeless person discovered the remains of the child while searching for food near a vacant plot.

When Rusa members investigated, the fully developed foetus as well as the placenta were found covered in dirt in the municipal bin. The umbilical cord was wrapped around the child’s neck. A large group of onlookers gathered at the scene expressing their anger at the mother’s selfish act.

Prem Balram, Rusa director, said: “According to information we received the child was prematurely delivered by one of several prostitutes who work in the Verulam area and who was pregnant. There are so many options to take in the instance of unwanted pregnancies. We request for women to resort to other safe means rather than dumping unborn babies in bins.”