Rescued in the nick of time!

A newborn baby boy survived the bitter cold by a stroke of luck, he was found by a Lazer 911 reaction officer dumped in the bushes with his umbilical cord still attached in lower Albersville, Port Shepstone, last night.

‘Baby Lazer’ is recovering well in hospital

Spokesman for Lazer 911, Basil Lanka, said, “Whilst the Lazer reaction unit was patrolling Albersville, officer Kerwin was informed by the control room that a client phoned in and reported a faint baby cry or cat wailing in the dense bushes. He was directed to the client and did a full search in the bushes with the client and came up with nothing. When the officer was about to leave, he heard a faint cry again and traced it to the bushes in the backyard of a neighbouring property. The Lazer 911 officer and resident approached the neighbour and conducted a search of his yard. The sound was traced to the bushes at the back of his house. There in the midst of the bushes lay a new born baby with the umbilical cord still attached to him. The Lazer 911 officer quickly wrapped the baby up to keep him warm and together with the client they proceeded to the hospital where the newborn was admitted to the casualty unit in a stable condition.”

The newborn baby boy braved the wintry weather and survived against the odds

Lanka said the tiny tot has been named ‘Baby Lazer’ for now.

According to the neighbour, he heard the same sounds the previous night, as well.

Lanka said Port Shepstone SAPS has been informed of the find.

Reports from Lanka and team who have been checking up on the infant is that he has been given a clean bill of health by medical staff and has suffered no dehydration. He weighs in at a whopping 3,6kgs.

Meanwhile, Facebookers were up in arms over the callous incident which was posted on the Lazer 911 Facebook page, with many slamming the mother for the heartless act of abandonment.

The newborn baby boy braved the wintry weather and survived against the odds

Some of the comments posted, read, “Dis was a very cold hearted person to leave the baby. If u don’t want da baby there’s people out there who’ll give your baby the love it’s needs. (sic) May the mother suffer for doing such a horrible thing to the innocent child…(sic) How can a mother do that where is her heart how evil and cruel.This makes me sick to my stomach.There is people out there who can’t have babies yet some people just throw there’s away like it’s nothing.Hope u get punished for this one day…”(sic)