Newborn baby girl dumped in Greenbury


An elderly Phoenix resident made a shocking discovery when he found a newborn baby girl left in a box outside of a church fence on Peargreen Place, off Greenbury Road on Sunday morning.

Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid, KZN VIP spokesman, Romano Naidoo, said, “It was indeed a heartbreaking discovery for the elderly gentleman when he heard a baby crying as he was walking along the roadway. He stopped to check and looked around. He found the baby cries emanating from a box by the church fence. The baby was covered with a little blanket and the umbilical cord was still attached. The man alerted locals to the discovery of the newborn baby and KZN VIP was quickly contacted for assistance. KZN VIP medics and response responded to the scene where the baby was found covered in the man’s jacket. ”

“Locals quickly responded by bringing items for the baby. KZN EMS was on site and assessed the baby and transported the baby to a hospital for further medical attention. It is terribly sad that women continue to abandon and dump babies in this heartless manner. “KZN VIP have responded to countless baby dumpings and despite the many pleas, women still continue with this awful practice. We urge mothers in positions where they cannot keep the baby to please contact the many organisations available to assist with such matters,” Naidoo said.

Phoenix SAPS communications officer Captain Louise Naidoo, confirmed the incident and said police are investigating a case baby abandonment. “Pregnant women in such situation with unwanted babies are once again urged to seek help in their situations. Do not risk the safety and health of the newborn through such cruel actions. The innocent baby could have been harmed or even attacked by wandering dogs etc,” said Cpt Naidoo. Phoenix CPF chairman, Umesh Singh, slammed the baby dumping and said, “There are more humane ways to handle such matters. Women who find themselves pregnant have months to arrange for adequate care for their newborn should they opt not to keep the baby. There are baby houses in and around Durban which will care for the baby. There are organisations in Phoenix that can assist with housing the child. Phoenix Child Welfare director,