After the recent resignation of Westville CPF chair, Alex Gloster, Asad Patel was elected to take over the position. Patel has been a member of the CPF for approximately two years and says there is still a lot that needs to be done in the community of Westville.

“Crime is increasing daily and we have several crime-fighting projects and initiatives. These are new waters we are traversing and it is a huge learning curve for all of us as a community and the CPF. Taking over from the previous CPF chair, I feel good pressure as I am a person that loves a good challenge” said Patel.

He said having started, he has taken the bull by the horn and has initiated a few projects which include installation of an ANPR camera system and forming a youth desk, just to name a few. “One of our other projects is a school project where a member of the CPF, Wayne le Roux is working with the SAPS. They are visiting Westville schools to educate learners about crime issues. We are also busy with uniting all of the 14 neighbourhood watches in the area onto a shared platform so information can be shared instantaneously. ”

After Gloster’s unexpected resignation, word on the street has been that more members are leaving the CPF and when questioned about the reason for this. Patel said, all organisations have a turnover of members and leaders and this is a natural process. “The members that have resigned have done so for reasons of relocation, work and family commitments. We certainly are not falling apart as  can be seen from the various projects and the unity in our community being fostered,” he motivated.

Aside from being CPF chair, Patel is involved in outreach work and neighbourhood watch activities. He said the CPF has a good relationship with the SAPS, however, feels that there is always room for improvement.
Patel said as CPF chair, his main goal is to improve unity within the community and he will do whatever it takes. He assured the community that even with the changes the, CPF is still functional.

“The CPF is very functional, anyone who attends the public meetings will know. I have tasked the executive committee to go all out to fight crime through our partnerships and initiatives.  I urge the community to get involved in their neighbourhood watches and the CPF projects. Without them, we cannot function. The success of the CPF depends on you. We have been rated by many independent organisations and SAPS members as being the best CPF they have encountered, however, there is plenty of work to do and I encourage all to watch this space,” he added.